About Us

We trained with top companies and we trained other people for top companies so we know our stuff. Its then our job to collaborate with you to create the most amazing, beautiful, stylish, stunning art works that you see and wear every day. Like James Bond, we get our hands dirty but we do it with style, class and sometimes a pair of scissors. We love what we do and we hope it shows because being creative makes us happy, and its what were really good at.

How We Do

Well Trained Barbers

We know our staff is good because we trained them to be great!

10 Years Experience

We've been around for quite a while so we must be doing something right.

Branded Pr0ducts

We have created our own line of products because we know what is needed for you to look your best.

Great Location

You won't get lost trying to find us!

Customer Service

We take pride in treating each and every customer with respect.

You're in Good Hands.

Experience what it's like to have a truly clean shave.

Clean & Fresh Look

Get the cut that you want and enjoy all the great compliments that come with it.

We Have Got You Covered.

Let us use the best products on our shelves to keep your hair healthy.

Our Barbers

Terry Armstrong


Josh Thompson


David Stewart

Junior Barber

How To Find Us

2480 Wayside Lane
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: (510) 217 2668
Email: info@stylebarbers.com